My White Horse and the Rider's Cloud
by Rose Murdock


"An Imaginative Fictional Fantasy Adventure with a Delightful Spiritual Twist . . . an exciting, thought-provoking fiction; a story with a unique perspective on biblical truths that will be appreciated by believers and non-believers."  Xulon Press


The Clouds are a unique place. They breathe. They expand. Each ride is a lesson. The experiences on the trails are the teacher...until the last battle, when everything will be made right.


This fictional book is the story of one family's adventure into "the clouds"--a place outside the realm of time and space which offers unique opportunities for one normal earthly family as they navigate the many trails throughout this strange world. How does one gain entry into this otherworldly realm? Through dreams? Visions? Or perhaps divine intervention?


As the adventures begin, each family member finds themselves given a new name and a white horse. As they explore this new world, they unknowingly meet one another along the way. They also encounter the mysterious "Rider" whom they all grow to know and love, while remaining unaware of the important role he plays in their destinies. Reality begins to unveil as they dare to believe in this mysterious one and seek to know him for who he really is.


Consider this book for the unchurched, skeptics, families, kids (and adults) of all ages, or anyone looking for a fresh perspective in their relationship with the Lord and those close to them. 395 pages.


My White Horse and the Rider's Cloud