Surviving Marriage

Are you a Christian who does not believe in divorce, yet you don't feel as if you can stay in your marriage? This journal is for you. Nowhere is there a greater attack against Christians than in the home. It's vital that we expose the traps set for us and realize we are not fighting flesh and blood (our spouse). This journal will give you an opportunity to take a close look at your marriage (and yourself), bring you to a point of decision, and reveal how both you and your marriage can survive! 79 pages.


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50 Days of Healing   Revised 2023 Version

50 Days of Healing is a journey through the Bible which looks at 50 Scriptures regarding healing. We begin in the Old Testament to see what the Lord said and did regarding the healing of His people--when it was provided and when it wasn't. Then we move on to the New Testament where we see the Gospel of Jesus Christ accompanied by healings, and the message those healing brought in light of what was learned under the Old Covenant. Use this booklet to meditate on the Word concerning God's will for your healing. 107 pages.


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21 Days to Die
Freedom to Love


What does it really mean to take up our cross daily and follow Jesus as He instructed us to?


In this 21 day Journal discover the key to living in freedom as you find the freedom to walk in love. We often see Christians struggling with hurt feelings, offenses and bitterness or criticisms that can run very deep. Learn to live free from manipulation, control and emotional pain once and for all! By following Jesus to the cross and beyond we can discover the freedom to love as He commands and live a life full of resurrected joy! Don't miss this opportunity to print this journal for free and begin living the real Christian life. 59 pages.


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From God's Garden to Yours   In Revision, not available at this time
a 27-day walk through God's Garden

Experience the fruit of the Spirit in a whole new way! This journal takes you on a walk with God as you see the nine fruit of the Spirit in the life of Jesus and ultimately in your own life. By seeing this fruit in the life of the Lord first, you will properly recognize what it really is, and who He really is. 39 pages.


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Forty Days of The Fear of the Lord

Take 40 days to study these forty Scriptures about the fear of the Lord and experience a whole new level of surrender and love towards the Lord. Don't give in to the fear that keeps you from God, but yield to the fear that draws you deeper into His presence! 49 pages.


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The Bread & The Cup
40 Days of Communion

The Bread & The Cup is a communion journal. There are 40 Scriptures related to taking communion in remembrance of the Lord's sacrifice for us. Each page includes a Scripture, a short narrative, a meditative thought, and space for you to journal your time with the Lord. 49 pages.


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