My White Horse and the Rider's Cloud
by Rose Murdock


"An Imaginative Fictional Fantasy Adventure with a Delightful Spiritual Twist . . . an exciting, thought-provoking fiction; a story with a unique perspective on biblical truths that will be appreciated by believers and non-believers."  Xulon Press


The Clouds are a unique place. They breathe. They expand. Each ride is a lesson. The experiences on the trails are the teacher...until the last battle, when everything will be made right.


This fictional book is the story of one family's adventure into "the clouds"--a place outside the realm of time and space which offers unique opportunities for one normal earthly family as they navigate the many trails throughout this strange world. How does one gain entry into this otherworldly realm? Through dreams? Visions? Or perhaps divine intervention?


As the adventures begin, each family member finds themselves given a new name and a white horse. As they explore this new world, they unknowingly meet one another along the way. They also encounter the mysterious "Rider" whom they all grow to know and love, while remaining unaware of the important role he plays in their destinies. Reality begins to unveil as they dare to believe in this mysterious one and seek to know him for who he really is.


Consider this book for the unchurched, skeptics, families, kids (and adults) of all ages, or anyone looking for a fresh perspective in their relationship with the Lord and those close to them. 395 pages.



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The Good Wine
by Rose Murdock

The Good Wine extends an invitation to all believers in Christ to draw closer to the Lord by drinking of the wine of the Holy Spirit. In this book, we look at all the persons attending the wedding at Cana in the story of Jesus turning the water into wine in John 2. We can experience deeper intimacy with the Lord! From this intimate place, we will produce the best wine--the good wine--to offer to others so they too can draw near to Him! 61 pages.


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Living in the Land of Your Anointing
by Rose Murdock

Living in the Land of Your Anointing is a book about finding your purpose in life and discovering the gifts God has planted within you. By going back to the Garden of Eden and delving into what God had in mind for mankind in the beginning, you can discover your core purpose in life and gain understanding concerning the unique expression of worship implanted within you. Discover how to get free from the land of exile and start cultivating the land of your anointing today! 45 pages.


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The Epistles Pen
a one year daily devotional study of the epistles
  by Rose Murdock

The Epistles Pen is an updated version of the former Tree of Life Devotionals previously posted on the Bible Seed website. It is a daily devotional that compiles all of the verses written in the epistles that give us an instruction of some type. Taken from the King James Version of the Bible, this book is a great reference. It highlights these instructional verses in the epistles--Romans through Jude.


It's a great gift for new believers, and a great way to lay a solid foundation of Scripture in a world that's ever-changing. 400 pages. KJV only at this time.


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Intro to Worship Arts Guidebook
by Rose Murdock

Worship art is so much more than art. It's when we yield to the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to sculpt our lives. In the process, who we are begins to take form, revealing our purpose and function in the kingdom of God. Find out more about being the "art that worships" in this booklet which gives a general overview of Rose's Introduction to Worship Arts booklets, or just to learn more about worship art itself. 62 pages.


Chapter titles are:


What is Worship Art?

Art & Occupation

The Seven Categories

The Worship Art Mentor

Introduction to Worship Art

Practice Types


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