Rose Murdock was 17 years old when she met the Lord sitting at the kitchen table of a new friend and mentor who was twice her age. She would sit at this same table every week for years to come and learn the Bible from this loving and competent teacher. Rose bought a King James Bible with a blue-jean cover for $2.00 and began studying the Bible at her own kitchen table.


Before long, Rose started teaching children at church and learned to use many methods to keep the class alive and fresh to hold their attention. Yet she remained committed to teach the Bible, not just entertain kids. She cared not only about presenting the truth accurately, but that the young ones understood these truths. During this time Rose had two children of her own.


After several years, Rose went through a period of burnout, backsliding, and finally returned to the Lord with a greater sense of humility and appreciation for His mercy. She began the Bibleseed website in 2000 as a place to offer prayer as well as biblical teaching and exhortation. Prayer requests came in regularly and from around the world. When her husband, Tim, began pastoring their first church, she ministered along with him.


Today, Rose ministers in their home church with a heart to see people of all ages experience a genuine discovery of the love of Jesus and come to know Him intimately through His Word and by the Holy Spirit. Her desire is to see families strengthened as the faith of each family member grows, and they grow together in the unity of the Spirit.


Rose now realizes the benefits of her early study of the Bible, as well as the importance of remaining consistent to do so. She has experienced great blessing through seeking the Lord in study, prayer, intercession, worship, and the prophetic insight that brings.


She is retired from a thirty-year career as a police and fire dispatcher where she encountered a wide variety of life situations from the critical to the humorous. All of which has helped her realize the necessity of maintaining a godly perspective and approach to daily life. She lives in Michigan with her husband, Tim.