Rose Murdock has a heart to encourage believers of all ages to come

into a deeper intimacy with the Lord, discovering their creative expression of worship. Her desire is to strengthen families as each one discovers their own unique gift and gains an appreciation for the gifts of others.


Kids especially, can learn to walk with the Lord early in life, finding and fulfilling their purpose. Which is the only way to live a satisfying, rewarding life.

A study on

Proverbs & Money

21 Days to Die

a Journal


We often see Christians struggling with hurt feelings, offenses and bitterness or criticisms that can run very deep. Learn to live free from manipulation, control and emotional pain once and for all by following Jesus to the cross and beyond!


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From the time you were in the womb, you could hear the sounds around you. Words were spoken which, as you grew and experienced life, defined your understanding of those words. Often, we come to false conclusions because of erroneous teaching, misconceptions, and misunderstanding of events. With these kinds of deceptions lodged in a person's mind, they will reject what is contrary, even if it's the truth. It takes a heart willing to surrender to the truth in order to live free from deception..


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