Rose Murdock has a heart to encourage believers of all ages to come

into a deeper intimacy with the Lord, discovering their creative expression of worship. Her desire is to strengthen families as each one discovers their own unique gift and gains an appreciation for the gifts of others.


Kids especially, can learn to walk with the Lord early in life, finding and fulfilling their purpose. Which is the only way to live a satisfying, rewarding life.

A study on

Proverbs & Money

Living in the Land of Your Anointing

by Rose Murdock


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By going back to the Garden of Eden and delving into what God had in mind for mankind in the beginning, you can discover your core purpose in life and gain understanding concerning the unique expression of worship implanted within you. Discover how to get free from the land of exile and start cultivating the land of your anointing today!


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It's a new season, and time to examine our soil and prepare for a new season of seeds! This is a spiritual season as well where we need to allow the Son to warm the soil of our hearts, so we can nurture the seeds He desires to grow within us. Both the written and spoken Word are destiny seeds planted within us that will cause us to be fruitful in everything the Lord has planned for us in His great garden!


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